Everett Teague
USPTA Tennis Professional 


I am a professional tennis instructor/coach (USPTA certified- Elite Rated) with over 35 years of experience teaching/coaching all levels and ages. I created this website in response to an answer I get to one of the essential “onboarding” questions I usually ask my new, mainly older adult students about their goals for tennis. When asked why they are interested in learning the most fantastic sport for a lifetime, many respond, “I want to get in shape.”

Instead of immediately bursting their bubble by telling them they should consider getting in shape to play tennis, I’ll usually let time and experience lead them to ask, “tennis is such a great and challenging sport, any suggestions on how to get in better shape so I can perform at my best?”

The posts on this site represent some of the “strategies” I’ve recommended over the years to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. I mainly started with recommendations in the flexibility and strength areas and, over time, began including staying active with various activities and the importance of a healthy diet. 

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